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Absorption Basket - Sal Klita

The Absorption Basket is a financial assistance designed to help immigrants to make initial arrangements, with living expenses during the period of ulpan study (6 months) and includes rent for their first twelve months in Israel.

Absorption Basket is immigrants from all countries of the world.

Who is entitled to receive the absorption basket?
  • ​Those who first arrived in Israel on a "new immigrant" visa. 
  • Those who were in Israel for less than 24 consecutive or cumulative months during the 3 years before receiving immigrant status. 

In addition, the following are eligible for the absorption basket:

  • Immigrant Citizens who meet the above mentioned criteria.
  • Returning Minors who meet the above mentioned criteria.
Period of eligibility for receiving the Absorption Basket
Immigrants are eligible for the Absorption Basket up to one year after the recipient of the Oleh Status. Overseas travel halts basket installments. Reinstatement of the Absorption Basket payments is only for those who return during the first year of Aliyah. Upon return, immigrants must contact the Ministry's branch in their place of residence in order to reinstate the payments (Bring your passport\s with the date of entry to Israel)
The Absorption Basket is given in the following manner:
  • ​​The first installment is granted to the immigrant upon arrival at the airport: a portion is given as a cash payment and another part in the form of a bank deposit. 
  • The remainder of the Absorption Basket is paid out in 6 monthly installments. 

After six months from the date of aliyah the immigrant may apply for income assurance. Assistance for covering rental expenses is included in the Absorpion basket. 


In order to receive Absorption Basket , you must open a joint account in the names of both spouses at commercial bank of your choice, and inform the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption of your bank account details. It is recommended that you do this immediately, during the first few days after your arrival in Israel.

This is a bank account in the name of both spouses and therefore both must be present when opening the account.

Your bank account number should not be changed during your first years in the country. If you are forced to change your account details, report this immediately to the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption. If any problems arise concerning receiving the Absorption Basket, you should immediately contact the Ministry's branch closest to your home.