Returning Residents

The State of Israel invests great effort in encouraging all of its citizens who reside abroad to return to Israel, and in easing their integration.

Information and benefits for returning residents

  • National Health Insurance

    National Health Insurance

    The National Health Insurance Law currently subjects Israeli residents who have spent more than two years abroad without paying national health insurance fees to a waiting period of up to half a year before they are eligible to receive health services.More details
  • Streamlined Health Insurance

    Streamlined Health Insurance

    Arranging eligibility with the National Insurance Institute for persons who reside abroad for more than 5 years.More details
  • Customs benefits

    Customs benefits

    Exemptions and tax breaks on imports of various products ...More details
  • Scientists & Researchers

    Scientists & Researchers

    The Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption offers new-immigrant and returning-resident scientists and researchers diverse forms of assistance for promoting integration into the R&D sector in Israel. More details
  • Assistance for pupils

    Assistance for pupils

    The Government views the reintegration of returning students following an extended stay abroad,More details
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