First Steps in Israel

During your first two or three weeks in Israel as a new immigrant it is important that you take steps, in order to enable you to utilize/organize your initial period in Israel to maximum advantage...

Immigration to Israel requires thorough preparation processes.

You might want to do this in stages – visiting Israel, volunteering on a kibbutz, studying in a university or participating in a short-term study program for young people run by the Jewish Agency and other organizations.

You may prefer to carry out a 'pilot tour' in order to make contact with potential employers and to consult relatives and friends in Israel.

In any case, you should carefully plan the details of your immigration with the help of the Jewish Agency immigration emissaries.​
Remember that the information appearing here is general information. Your personal information such as stay in Israel, change in family status, etc. may affect your eligibility to rights. Before taking any action, please contact the Ministry of Aliyah and Immigrant Absorption nearest your home and check whether the information is valid for you. In the case of discrepancy between the information appearing here and regulations – the regulations take precedence.